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Thanks to lobbying from Christine Simpson and a lot of help from my colleague Richard Chin we now have an entry on the NORD rare disease platform


An interview with Cathy by the wonderful Torie Robinson of Epilepsy Sparks Insights is now available on YouTube and Spotify with lots of mentions of eEF1A2:

A public lecture given by Cathy and Richard Chin in March 2017 that includes discussion of research on eEF1A2: Epilepsy: is the genetic revolution friend or foe?

Beyond the ion channel, the blog of EuroEpinomics

Epilepsy and inheritance (lay guide)

Muir Maxwell Centre and our page on it, under pre-clinical research.

Simons Initiative for the Developing Brain

The Contact a Family website has a really good page explaining inheritance and what happens in a genetics clinic in addition to being a general resource for finding support.

Academic papers on EEF1A2 and neurodevelopmental disorders:

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